ZGNX imminently releasing more Ph3 data in a severe form of childhood epilepsy

Zogenix (ZGNX) is set to imminently release additional phase 3 data from its trial with its drug ZX008 (low dose fenfluramine) for children and young adults suffering from Dravet syndrome, a rare and catastrophic form of childhood epilepsy. Data from its first phase 3 trial reported last fall was very impressive, establishing that this drug has good efficacy for this indication and helped earn this drug breakthrough therapy designation by the FDA. The stock price increased over 100% on the release of this data last fall. With a current market cap of a little over $1.5B we feel there is still upside in this stock with very positive data from the imminent readout, although there is some risk in this readout because of a known drug-drug interaction for these patients and the current upside is probably not nearly as large as last fall. More upside is possible in another clinical trial readout likely within the next year for ZX008, but in in Lennox Gastaut Syndrome, another catastrophic form of childhood epilepsy. #epilepsy #ZGNX #Dravet #bioinvesting #biopharmainvesting

#epilepsy #Dravet #bioinvesting #biopharmainvesting #ZGNX #Zogenix #AmpFree

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