And Then There Was One: NewLink Genetics Refocuses Efforts On Indoximod, Its Remaining, Undervalued

Company: NewLink Genetics Corp; NASDAQ: NLNK


Market Cap: ~$235 M

Cash: ~$108M (as of 2Q17)

Burn: ~$27M/Q (as of 2Q17)

Near-term Binary Events:

  • Presentation of updated data from Phase 2 study of indoximod plus gemcitabine/nab-paclitaxel in metastatic pancreatic cancer in Q4 2017 or Q1 2018

Investment Thesis:

NewLink Genetics has faced many setbacks, including most recently disappointing data in its Phase 2 metastatic breast cancer trial with its indirect IDO inhibitor indoximod and Genentech pulling out of the co-development of the direct IDO inhibitor GDC-0919. However, the company has recently refocused its pipeline around indoximod, which has shown good results at least in melanoma, and with a valuation near its all-time low, AMP Biotech Research is cautiously optimistic about the current investment opportunity in NewLink...

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