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In our Amarin Vascepa litigation subscription service, you will receive access to at least 10 timely documents with legal analysis by Manny Vacchiano, an experienced biotech PhD licensed U.S. patent attorney, as well as ongoing notices from monitoring for documents filed in the litigation, and any new developments for AMRN and their pending U.S. patent applications. The analysis documents that we plan to prepare and make available between May 2020 and October 2020, relate to the following:​

  • All the remaining party briefs filed in the case as well as the oral arguments at the Federal Circuit;

  • Key legal or factual issues in the case;

  • AMRN's Vascepa Reduce-It patents and whether AMRN could use them to help protect its Vascepa market;

  • Other AMRN Vascepa-related patents and whether AMRN could use them to help protect its Vascepa market;

  • Other IP strategies that AMRN might be able to use to help protect its Vascepa market.

Once the litigation ends, your subscription will be canceled automatically.  If the litigation goes into a slow period where we only have business and clinical updates, your subscription is reduced to $25/month and then will go back to $199/month on months where we provide significant IP updates.  You can cancel your subscription at any time.

*No attorney-client relationship is established by your purchase of this product. If you would like to inquire about a possible legal representation by Dr. Vacchiano and his law firm, Double Helix Law, LLC, please contact Dr. Vacchiano at*

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